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Whites Designs

For Whites Designs, I have produced a website, produced all content and graphics, curated a furniture range, create and manage all social media content, manage all SEO data and client liaise. There are many more aspects to the job I do, but in simpler terms, I'm brand manager.

Pictured above are some of the products and graphics I have done so far for Whites Designs. But really, the best part about it is the website; if I do say so myself. That's not to say that the products aren't the best part (being the physical product, of course they're superior), but I had only designed 1 website before this. That was the original for university, and that is better left hidden forever. For Whites Designs, I had to throw myself into the deep end and create the website from scratch on Wix.

I find I learn and work best in environments where I am thrown into the deep end, it gives me a chance to fully immerse myself and learn every aspect about what I need to do. Getting the experience I did when I started shadowing furniture design at Furnitrim, that gave me a huge step up into what can be achieved and how to achieve it - which I've come to learn is essential within furniture design. 

We're constantly adding products, graphics and UX design elements to Whites Designs. I've learned an incredible amount from working on these briefs, whether they're given to me to set by myself, and I really can't wait for Whites Designs to keep growing.

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