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Chop Concepts is a design company that specialises in product design, graphic design, website design, branding, photo editing, vector creating, and much more. The aim is to help you fully realise your concept and make it come to life. I'm a product design graduate with experience in graphic design, textiles, ceramics, fine art, photography, and more.


I understand what it's like to get your ideas onto paper and want to make them a reality, I'm not a huge corporate design company that spits out generic logos and solutions. I listen to you and include you in every step of the process, making sure the end result is perfectly you. Let's cut to the chase and get your ideas going, shall we?

All you have to do is get in touch, let me know what you want, and we'll take it from there. Whether it's dimension vectors for your products, a poster, a website, or content creating, nothing is too big.

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